Whether you are a leader amidst professional transitions or an organization going through change, you deserve care and support.

Hannah is a companion along the way for those dedicated to leaving this place better than they found it.

She loves to work with a wide variety of people and organizations, especially those who are grappling with power and privilege in order to achieve their goals for well being at every scale.

Hannah’s methods are grounded in a presumption of the inherent dignity and worth of all people and a love for the living world.

Hannah’s approach is to walk with you in your process, gently creating containers for creativity and connection

Rooted in relationship, Hannah’s work is animated by a deep understanding of complexity and emergence. Hannah invites you to appreciate what is good in hand, work with what is unfolding, and strengthen supportive practices.

Hannah partners with you to align your desires with your actions, helping to surface your inner knowing, while bringing delight, ease, and wonder into the process. 

Let’s Work Together