I accompany organizations across all phases of their life cycle: in processes of emergence, strengthening, maturation, reimagination, and dissolution.

I hold a special focus on the complex intersections between personal, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic dynamics that give rise to organizational upheavals. I witness and reflect back what I notice and invite teams to participate in tracking their patterns and changes.

I believe that celebration is key to organizational health and I use appreciative inquiry and assets framing in order to lift up and acknowledge the good that already exists, even as we continue striving.

“Through my work with Hannah, I learned to lean-in to productive conflict and to be less anxious about unpleasant interactions by seeing them as a way through a problem. Hannah is kind, gentle, and wise.”

~ Mary Gilg, Alameda County Homeless Action Center

The people and organizations I am best positioned to support are tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.

Truly co-created processes lead to the greatest traction, and so I love to walk with organizations that enjoy (or are open to) collaborative, creative, community-centred, and participatory practices.